A New Deal

A New Deal

Togo celebrates its 51st anniversary of its independence, on Wesnesday, a date that coincides with the first year of the second term of Faure Gnassingbé as the head of Togo.
From March 2010 to March 2011, Togo has indeed experienced intense pace of deep reforms undertaken both in the political, economic and social domains.
If the first five year plan had been mainly devoted to the formation of national reconciliation and normalization of relations with foreign partners (EU, IMF, World Bank, etc ...), the second puts a strong emphasis on economic recovery, big projects, the requirement of good governance and rigorous management of public finances.
Faure Gnassingbé did not neglect the pursuit of reconciliation and dialogue with the entire political class. The main opposition party, the UFC, also celebrates its first year in government.
To take the measure of the evolution of Togo, one can read the attached report 2010-2011; the achievements and figures speak much better than the comments.

(The document is available in French only)


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Forêts : le Togo opte pour la convergence


Le Togo adhère pleinement au plan de convergence pour la gestion et l’utilisation durables des écosystèmes forestières dans l'espace Cédéao.

Accompagner la décentralisation


L’Union européenne et l’Allemagne vont financer pour 19 millions d’euros un programme de décentralisation et de gouvernance locale.

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Le groupe Toofan et l’artiste Almok sont nominés pour l'Afrimma, une compétition qui récompense les meilleurs artistes d’Afrique.

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Le boxeur togolais Prinz Lorenzo s'est imposé vendredi soir à Kara face au Bosniaque Milos Janjani.