ADB preparing to grant $90 million to Togo

ADB preparing to grant $90 million to Togo

The director of financial operations of the Regional Department of the African Development Bank (ADB), Janvier Litse (photo), arrived in Lome on Friday, for consultations with the authorities on the "Document de stratégie par pays, DSP 2011-2015" for Togo. More than a document, it is a substantial budget to be provided to ensure the country's development. What is the DSP?
Janvier Litse : It is a process imposed on each country by the African Development Bank to enable it to finance projects in the period 2011-2015.
The DSP 2009 - 2010 has already ended. It is examining the direction of activities of the ADB in Togo. There are two priorities. It is primarily the road network with the Atakpamé-Kara axis (260km), feeder roads and agricultural interconnection with Burkina Faso and Niger.
The roads are a tool in the fight against poverty.It is for the ADB to finance the interconnection areas with high economic potential in the interior of Togo, but also to strengthen regional integration among the Togolese economy and economic space in West Africa, by supporting the development infrastructure, particularly in the area of transport.
ADB has the second priority of improving governance and public financial management. What will be the budget of the DSP 2 ?
Janvier Litse : The allowance is $90 million provided that the Board of Directors of the Bank validate the DSP on 15 July.


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