ANC protest in Lome

ANC protest in Lome

Several hundred Togo opposition supporters protested Wednesday to demand the return of nine parliamentarians removed from their seats in the country ruled by the same family for more than four decades.

Protesters marched in the capital Lome yelling anti-government slogans before gathering in front of the parliament building.

Wednesday's demonstration passed off without incident.

Fabre and eight other ANC members were removed from the parliament in November last year following a constitutional court ruling.

They were elected in October 2007 on the platform of the Union of Forces for Change (UFC) of Gilchrist Olympio, who later entered into an accord with the party in power after 2010 presidential polls, prompting a split.

The court said it received from the president of the National Assembly letters of resignation from the legislators. The lawmakers have denied resigning from their seats.

Photo : Opposition supporters in front of the National Assembly


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