Breakdown for how long ?

Breakdown for how long ?

Another day of misery began in Togo. Since 48 hours, it is almost impossible to connect to the Internet, receive and send emails and international telephone calls are also disturbed. The country is totally cut off from the outside world.
The public operator Togo Telecom,  being an internet service provider (ISP) with its service Helim, doesn't work either. At the root of the problems, breaking the submarine cable that connects Benin and Ivory coast, two countries where Togo Telecom gets its bandwidth.
The consortium that operates the cable SAT-3 does not stand out by its communication policy. It is impossible to know precisely the nature of the failure and the construction period. All that is known is that the optical fiber has been damaged off the coast of Benin.
At Togo Telecom, they look for alternatives from Senegal and Nigeria with the hope of partially restoring the connections during the day.


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