Chissano preaches peace in Ivory Coast

Chissano preaches peace in Ivory Coast

The former president of Mozambique, Joachim Chissano, called in Lome for political dialogue to resolve the political crisis arising from the emergence of two presidents following the 28 November presidential run-off vote in Cote d'Ivoire.

'Dialogue should prevail to solve the problem and stop the violence,' Chissano told journalists taking part in a two-day international conference on peace and development in Africa, which opened Monday in the Togolese capital.

Chissano hailed the commitment of the international community to resolve the crisis, asserting that 'some solutions to get out of the crisis are possible if on both sides there is some political will to dialogue.

He said: "The discussions should be conducted on sound bases and in a sound environment, for the population has suffered a lot and wishes to go back to peace".


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