ECOWAS condemns Gbagbo, announces summit

ECOWAS condemns Gbagbo, announces summit

West African bloc ECOWAS on Saturday condemned the swearing in of Laurent Gbagbo following Ivory Coast's disputed elections and said regional leaders planned to meet in a special summit on the situation.

"The ECOWAS commission wishes to express its deep disappointment and concern at the anomalies that have attended the leadership transition in that member state, especially the reported inauguration today of the incumbent president," a statement said.

"ECOWAS strongly condemns any attempt to usurp the popular will of the people of Cote d'Ivoire and appeals to all stakeholders to accept the results declared by the electoral commission."
A summit would be held in the Nigerian capital Abuja on Tuesday to decide on what action to take, the statement added.

ECOWAS - the Economic Community of West African States - is a 15-member organisation, including Togo.


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