Everything is going smoothly in Area 1

Everything is going smoothly in Area 1

A meeting of the Committee monitoring the electoral process was held today at the office of the Prime Minister to discuss about the ongoing census in Area 1 (Cinkasse to Ogou). Everything is under control. This is essentially what the representatives of the government, the political parties and the electoral Commission declared before the Prime Minister and the UN System directors in Togo.

"We are satisfied overall. There has been a significant improvement of the situation, and the public engagement is optimal. The issues that we had at the beginning had been dealt with.” affirmed the territorial Administration Minister, Gilbert Bawara, who is also the spokesman of the monitoring Committee.

This census should allow updating of the voters list, and issue of new voter cards. 

Legislatives and locals polls will be organized in the coming weeks.

Photo: Thursday at the office of the Prime Minister, Gilbert Bawara (L), and the Prime Minister, Arthème Ahoomey-Zunu


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