Faure Gnassingbé meets the French President

Faure Gnassingbé meets the French President

The President of Togo, Faure Gnassingbé, met his French counterpart Francois Hollande in NY on Tuesday afternoon.

The two leaders discussed the Sahel crsis extensively and particularly focused on the Malian situation.

Mr. Gnassingbé discussed the ECOWAS project of sending a multinational military force in Mali but stressed that all African states would be welcomed to join the coalition.

Responding to the argument that a military intervention would violate Mali's sovereignty, Togo's President replied that half of Mali's territory was in the hand of terrorist organizations.

Francois Hollande declared he would support a resolution at the UNSC that would enable Mali to recover its territorial integrity and assured that France would support an African-led initiatives.

The two men also discussed terrorism and maritime piracy.

Regarding bilateral relations, Mr. Gnassingbé informed the French president of the preparations for the upcoming parliamentary and local elections in Togo. He expressed his wish that these elections would take place smoothly and transparently. 


Gérer les risques, protéger la population


Le Togo et la Banque Mondiale ont lancé il y a 3 ans le Projet de gestion intégrée des catastrophes et des terres (PGICT).

Alliance pour le solaire


Le Togo a adhéré à la ‘Solar Alliance’, une initiative lancée lundi par le Premier ministre indien Narendra Modi lors de l’ouverture de la COP21.

Accompagner le Togo dans son adaptation aux impacts climatiques


Le président togolais a exhorté lundi les dirigeants de la planète à saisir l’occasion historique de s’engager sur la voie d’une transition collective.

Les conséquences du changement climatique sont dévastatrices pour l’Afrique


En marge de la COP21, Faure Gnassingbé participe lundi à une réunion organisée par la Banque mondiale en présence du président de l’institution.