Faure writes to Mohammed Hussein Tantawi Soliman

Faure writes to Mohammed Hussein Tantawi Soliman

Egypt celebrates its 58th anniversary of the creation of the Republic, on Saturday. On this occasion, Faure Gnassingbé has sent a congratulatory message to Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Soliman (photo), president of the Supreme Military Council (also President) who is temporarily acting since Hosni Mubarak left power. 

In his message, the President wishes to continue the friendship and cooperation uniting Togo to Egypt. 

He wished "every success to Mr Suleiman, in his high mission in the service of peace, prosperity and stability of Egypt."

Courage, is what Mohammed Hussein Tantawi Soliman needs. Thursday, a new transitional government was sworn in, headed by Essam Sharaf who retains his position as Prime Minister. More than half the ministerial portfolios are allocated to new ministers, but several people close to the Mubarak regime retain their posts, as Interior Minister Mansour Issaoui. But the demonstrators in Tahrir Square in Cairo consider the redesign insufficient.

On July 23, 1953, the monarchy was abolished in Egypt, replaced by a republic. A year earlier the "free officers" led by Gamal Abdel NasserNasser had overthrown King Farouk.


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