Five opposition parties back Fabre

Five opposition parties back Fabre

Five opposition parties in Togo have thrown their weight beh ind the candidature of Jean-Pierre Fabre for the 4 March presidential election to challenge President Faure Gnassingbe, who is seen as the frontrunner.

They have come together under the umbrella Republican Front for Change in Power (FRAC), which was presented to the media on Wednesday in the Togolese capital, Lome.

Kofi Yamgnane, who was disqualified from contesting the election, is the new body's spokesperson. Patrick Lawson, the first deputy-chairman of Union of Forces for Change (UFC), was appointed the campaign manager of the Front.

FRAC comprises the Alliance of Democrats for Integral Development (ADDI) led by AimTchabour Guogu, the Alliance led by Dahuku Pere, the Socialist Pact for Regeneration (PSR) led by Tchessa Abi, Sursaut-Togo led by Kofi Yamgnane and the Union of Forces for Change (UFC) led by veteran politician Gilchrist Olympio.

In a declaration, the coalition has vowed to achieve the advent of change in Togo and will soon launch its campaign.

Togo's presidential election is planned for 4 March.
The campaign began on Tuesday and is expected to end on 2 March.
Seven candidates originally registered to contest vote, including the incumbent president Faure Gnassingbe.


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