Foreign nationals being evacuated towards Lomé

Foreign nationals being evacuated towards Lomé

An air bridge was set up by the French authorities between Abidjan and Lomé to operate the evacuation of foreign nationals in Ivory Coast. This is not a general evacuation, but it provides for a possibility of making a temporary shelter on a voluntary basis.
A series of rotations made by two aircraft for transport of troops Transall of the French army, currently took charge of 77 people, including about 30 children, on Saturday night, April 2 to Sunday 3 April.
Repatriation operations are presently being conducted on a voluntary basis. The Embassy of France in Togo has taken charge of the refugees upon their arrival on the Togolese territory.
The French Embassy in Togo wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the Togolese military and civilian authorities for their invaluable assistance in these difficult times.


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