French Prime Minister visits Togo

French Prime Minister visits Togo

Manuel Valls and Faure Gnassingbe on Friday in Lome

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls started on Friday a 24 hours state visit to Lome, the capital.

This is the first step of his three-country tour comprising Togo, Ghana and Cote d' Ivoire in the West Africa.

Manuel Valls has been already received in an audience by the Togolese head State Faure Gnassingbe, after he was received at the airport by his Togolese counterpart Komi Selom Klassou.

The French Prime Minister had detailed discussions with Togolese authorities on ways to reinforce cooperation between France and Togo.

He has also, in his agenda, the inauguration of a kindergarten and primary school within the French College to Lome as well as of an engineered landfill center.

Manuel Valls will meet with French nationals in Togo and will visit the Port of Lome before leaving the Togolese capital on Saturday.


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