Give priority to growth sectors

 Give priority to growth sectors

The Resident Representative of International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Togo, Abdourahmane Sarr (photo), asked the Togolese authorities, on Sunday, to "preserve the gains of macroeconomic stability and creditworthiness, and find increase investment in priority sectors such as education, health and infrastructure. "

For Sarr, "It is important to focus on growth sectors" and the IMF representative mentioned the great work in progress "that is a good example." 

"Togo, has now become solvent, it may initiate beneficial investments of economic and social point of view," he said. 

The IMF granted, on Monday, a final loan of about $ 14 million as part of the sixth review of the program expanded credit facility (ECF). In total, the Fund has paid just over $151 million since April 2008.


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