Grants can stop rise in petrol prices

Grants can stop rise in petrol prices

The Technical Committee for monitoring prices of petroleum products justified the reasons for Friday's new rise in petrol prices in Togo.According to Mr.Gnagna Waka, Director of Finance and member of the Committee, "the government had no choice but to make this adjustment because prices for imports have been increasing and the State grant has reached a threshold that might blow the budget if no action is taken." 

However, said Waka, despite the 5% increase, the state continues to subsidize petroleum products. Thus, one liter of super sold at the pump would be 595 FCFA, and without this grant, will be sold at 834 FCFA.

The Committee also noted that the increase, made on Friday, would not affect the price of transport and electricity. 

During the last increase in early June, the government took a series of measures to cushion the blow and the fight against high prices. 

The new prices in CFA 

Super unleaded: 595 

Kerosene: 490 

Diesel: 629 

2-stroke mix: 665 

Butane gas 12.5 kg: 3859 

Butane Gas 6 kg : 1852


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