Mali : Togo lauds the accords

Mali : Togo lauds the accords

The President of Togo, Faure Gnassingbé (photo), whose country is a member state of both the Security Council and ECOWAS, lauded the deal struck on saturday between the Malian junta and ECOWAS.

16 days after the coup d'état, the putschist leader finally accepted, under the pressure of regional leaders, to relinquish power and restore constitutional order. 

"This constitutes a crucial step toward the restoration of civil governance in Mali which will allow to relaunch political dialogue and maintain the territorial integrity of the country" stressed a press release of the Togolese government.

The Touaregs, allied to islamist groups, have seized the north of the country by taking advantage of the confusion in the wake of the coup and have proclaimed the independence of the Azaouad nation.



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