Nearly 3m voters for Togolese elections

Nearly 3m voters for Togolese elections

A total of 2,974,718 voters have been registered for the Togolese parliamentary elections, to be held 14 Oct., Tozim Potopere, president of the Independent Electoral Commission (CENI), told journalists here Monday.

The voters were registered in a census held in July/August.Also, 396 independent candidates and political parties have been registered.

According to the CENI president, "the quality of the national election register was unanimously commended by all stakeholders in the election process.''

At stake in the elections, the first since Togo's presidential polls in 2005, will be 81 seats at the National Assembly.

Thousands of local and foreign observers will monitor the elections, with ECOWAS sending 140 observers, 100 of whom will be military personnel drawn from Member States.



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