New airport in Lomé : visit by Chinese experts

New airport in Lomé : visit by Chinese experts

A team of engineers and architects from the China Airport Group (CAG), responsible for building the new airport of Lome in Togo arrived on Monday.

The experts met the Minister of Transport, Ninsao Gnonfam. 

"The financing agreement for redevelopment of the airport will take place in the next few days. The employees of the CAG are here to start the survey and make the latest research techniques before the actual start of the project," said the Minister. 

The project, estimated at $ 150 million, involves the construction of a new terminal of 21,000 m2, north of the existing airport. Inside the building, there will be VIP areas reserved for companies that use the platform and large lounges.

Outside, the parking will be expanded to accommodate up to 15 aircraft. Take-off and landing will be made through gateways. Finally a hotel and a shopping mall will be built. 

The project will be financed by China Exim Bank.


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