PM Netanyahu meets with Togolese FM Robert Dussey

PM Netanyahu meets with Togolese FM Robert Dussey

Robert Dussey and Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, this afternoon in Jerusalem, met with Togolese Foreign Minister Robert Dussey, who invited him to pay an official visit to Togo and participate in next October's Africa-Israel summit for high-tech, communications, agriculture and security. The Prime Minister accepted his invitation. The Togolese minister estimated that 20-25 national leaders will attend the summit.

 Prime Minister Netanyahu: 

"I want you to know how glad we are that we are strengthening even further the relations between Togo and Israel. You know our big thrust of coming back to Africa, but you were always there, and for us, very important not only our relations in East Africa, but also in West Africa. So I look forward to having the opportunity to visit West Africa – visit with you and the president and others because we are absolutely committed to having this resurging relationship between Africa and Israel.

 Togolese Foreign Minister Dussey:

 "I come back to your beautiful country Israel, particularly Jerusalem. I'm very happy because I would like to invite you to Lomé, the capital of Togo, to attend the African and Israel Summit on development and security next October, in Lomé. You were in East Africa. We don't want to give you only West Africa. We want to give you all African countries


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