Promoting Excellence

Promoting Excellence

The degradation of the education system in Africa, coupled with the continued exodus of its highly skilled population, poses a real problem.
The continent is in need of a new dynamic development of skills.
The need for human resources and future generations in the heart of the transformation process in Africa is an imperative, and is a real challenge.
A challenge raising the "Excellence Youth Program" (EYP), whose pilot phase will be launched in Togo in a few weeks.
EYP will develop and strengthen the excellence among African youth, to prepare tomorrow's decision makers.
The program selects 20 young people in "terminale" (with a minimum average of 12 and a promising school career), preparing for the Bac. It is structured around a 2-week seminar focused on leadership, entrepreneurship and knowledge of global and African economics and politics and orientation for the best African universities with scholarships.
Initiator of the project, Togolese Didier Akouété from the Cabinet of international recruitment Africa Search.

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