Reforming support to LDCs

Reforming support to LDCs

The 4th Conference of the United Nations on Least Developed Countries (LDCs) continues in Istanbul. The delegates expressed their desire to reform the international architecture support to LDCs, on Tuesday, to enable half of these countries to leave this category by 2020.
A view shared by the Minister for Planning and Development, Dédé Ahoefa Ekoué (photo), representing Togo to this conference.
"With the fall in flow of aid of official development add to the problems of external debt, scarcity of capital flows for investment and the continued decline in the levels of commodity prices, where many LDCs derive a large part of their income, " says Ms. Ekoué,also adding that "the difficulties of LDCs are magnified by the unprecedented surge in food and oil product prices."
Most delegations from developing countries to developed countries reiterated the commitment they had made themselves to allocate at least 0.2% of GDP as an aid to the LDCs.


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