Regional Air Transportation : hostilities initiated

Regional Air Transportation : hostilities initiated

Asky had a good head start by launching its first flights from Togo in January 2010. The success of this company backed by Ethiopian Airlines arouses other African countries for a booming market.
On the foundation of Air Senegal International, Dakar, Senegal has launched an Airlines that operates on the same model as Asky having virtually identical stops with the notable exception of Lome. And for a good reason. For 15 months and to protect their company, the Senegalese authorities refused Asky traffic rights on the Senegalese capital, in this context, it is unclear why ANAC granted such facilities to the Senegalese carrier.
Another regional airline hopes to relaunch. The moribund Air Ivoire expects a recapitalization and return of a shareholder as Air France, which had given up from the past ten years.
And all these companies intend to serve the same routes. Will there be room for everyone? This is what is unknown.


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La directrice des Peace Corps reçoit Frédéric Hegbe


L’ambassadeur du Togo aux Etats-Unis, Frédéric Edem Hegbe, s’est entretenu mercredi avec la directrice nationale des Peace Corps, Joséphine K. Olsen.

Le gouvernement poursuit son programme de forages


12% de la population n’a toujours pas accès à l’eau potable. Un chiffre divisé par deux en dix ans.

La Chine s'engage contre le paludisme


Le Togo est loin d’avoir gagné son combat contre le paludisme, mais il peut compter sur ses partenaires dont la Chine.

La FTF assure


Nouvelle saison. Le championnat de première division débute le 23 septembre avec 7 rencontres à l’affiche.