Shanghai World Expo celebrates Day of Togo Pavilion

Shanghai World Expo celebrates Day of Togo Pavilion

On August 20, 2010, Shanghai World Expo celebrated the day of Togo Pavilion.
President of Togo Faure Essozimna Gnassingbe and Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi jointly attended the official celebration (photo).
Yang said that the World Expo is a grand event carrying the glory and dream of mankind. Since its birth one and half centuries ago, it has ignited the wisdom of mankind, promoted social progress, witnessed the development of the times and at the same time provided a wide arena for countries in different regions and with different nationalities and cultures to communicate and exchange with each other and demonstrate their cultural charm, vigor and dynamism.
President Gnassingbe noted in his speech that Shanghai World Expo sends invitation to the whole world with the theme of "better city, better life" and Togo Pavilion chooses the theme of "prosperity of city economy".
"We hope to build cities into more dynamic economies so that Togo can step on the road of sustainable development. Togo is determined to make its capital Lome a benchmark of the world", he said.
Togo Pavilion is located in the Joint African Pavilion in block C of the Expo site. With the theme of "prosperity of city economy", it mainly demonstrates the past, present and future of Lome.


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