Switzerland supports Grassroots Development

Switzerland supports Grassroots Development

Last Wednesday, Switzerland Ambassador, Andrea Semadeni (photo), announced the support of his country for the implementation of the "Multifunctional Platforms" program in Togo. During a visit to one of the beneficiary communities with the Grassroots Development' Minister, Victoire Tomégah Dogbe, the Ambassador stated: "I am aware of how much this community is benefiting from the platform, and you can rest assured that my country will participate in making this initiative, which is a national priority for Togo, sustains"

Mr Semademi added: "This is a project that fits perfectly in the government strategy, and it corresponds to how Switzerland envisions its cooperation with Togo".

The multifunctional platforms are decentralized energy structures using a diesel engine, which enable the use of agricultural products processing machines that meet the communities’ needs. (For instance corn mills, cassava rapper)

Since May 2011, 50 communities across the country have been benefiting from the program. The goal is to reach one thousand communities by 2018.


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