The right price

The right price

For 10 years, electricity costs had not changed in Togo. The "compagnie d'énergie électrique du Togo" (CEET) was recently forced to make a significant increase, an increase that has angered consumers, businesses and individuals.
Changes in rates is certainly substantial, but when spread over a decade, the increase does not exceed 1% per year.
The Minister of Mines and Energy, Noupokou Dammipi and Director General of CEET, Kakatsi Mawusi, provided few details on Tuesday, recalling the establishment of three categories of prices for small consumers, individuals and the regular companies. Fares range from 84 CFA per KW to 120 CFA francs for larger users.
On the issue of billing for street lighting, Mr. Dammipi explained that the fee of 1 Fcfa was redistributed between the Mayor's office and the Police head-quarters and the rest will be used for facility maintenance and network expansion.


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