Togo-Israel : inauguration of a trauma unit

Togo-Israel : inauguration of a trauma unit

Traumatology will become a major clinical area of ​​Atakpamé CHR

The Minister of Health, Moustapha Mijiyawa, inaugurated on Thursday an ultra-modern trauma unit at the Atakpamé Regional Hospital, CHR (160 km from Lomé).

A donation from Mashav, the Israeli cooperation Agency.

Mashav’s experts completed the construction and layout of the building and all the equipment needed for this emergency structure. 37 people (doctors, anesthetists,  nurses) were trained by Israeli specialists.

The 5-day training allowed for the transfer of skills and understanding of the functioning of an emergency unit to manage patients brought on site for various pathologies such as severe burns, head trauma, crush injuries, trauma abdominals ...

The equipments provided by Mashav are of last generation; the same as those used in Israeli hospitals of international reputation.

This donation from Israel is contributing to the modernization of the health sector that the government wants and is being promoted by health care workers.

Traumatology will become a major clinical area of ​​Atakpamé CHR.

'This donation enriches the care provided by CHR Atakpamé in a context of contractualization whose sole purpose remains the improvement of the care offered to the population,' said the minister who was with Nitzan Arny, from the Israeli embassy in Togo.

The Israeli Cooperation Agency has been active in Africa for decades. It provides assistance in the field of health, agriculture, sanitation or renewable energy.

Togo is the first African country where Mashav has set up this trauma unit.


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