Togo assumes the presidency of the UNSC

Togo assumes the presidency of the UNSC

Starting today, Togo assumes the rotating presidency of the UNSC. It replaces South Africa. This prestigious function comes during a particularly stormy context with the issue of the iranian nuclear program, the eventual recognition of a Palestinian State and the Syrian crisi, which was subject to a special meeting held in NY on tuesday.

The presidency of the UNSC, far from being a honorary post, actually is a highly strategic office.

It is Togo's role to run the most influential UN body, whether it concerns public and private debates or resolutions.

Every country that heads the council also gets to pick the central theme that will be adressed during the months.

Togo has decided to talks about the threats to international peace and security brought by criminality in West Africa and in the Sahel. The announcement was made by President Faure Gnassingbé on January 24th.

A public debate on this matter will take place on February 21st.

Interview : Kodjo Menan, Togo Representative at the UN


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