Togo opposition party dissolved

Togo opposition party dissolved

A court in Lome, on Friday dissolved the OBUTS, an opposition party led by the former Prime Minister Messan Agbeyome Kodjo (photo), for "violation of the Charter of political parties".

The court acted upon complaints of officials of the party, who were either excluded or had resigned.

According to the ruling, following the exclusion and the resignation of some officials of the party, it no longer satisfied the laws defined in Togo's Charter of the political parties.

The seven founding members who were either excluded or had resigned said following their departure, the party no longer had the quorum of two-thirds of national representation of the ethnic groups in the country.

Dissensions appeared within OBUTS in the aftermath of the presidential election of last 4 March, when the issue of whether or not to participate in the government of President Faure Gnassingbe arose.

Displeased at being excluded from the party, those in favour of the participation in government went court and won the case.

Henceforth, according to the ruling, Agbeyome Kodjo or to any other person is forbidden to use the acronym, the logo and the symbols of the party OBUTS.

During the last presidential election, Agbeyome Kodjo was fourth with 0.85 per cent of the votes.


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