Togo's new ambassador in Rome

Togo's new ambassador in Rome

The Ambassador of Togo in France, Calixte Batossie Madjoulba, presented his credentials to the Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, on Monday.After the ceremony, Mr. Madjoulba met with the head of state. The opportunity to show him the gratitude of the people of Togo and President Faure Gnassingbé to the concern shown by Italy during the long socio-political crisis that Togo had gone through. 

The Ambassador thanked the Italian authorities to have recently canceled the debt of Togo. 

President Napolitano, meanwhile, welcomed the opening policy initiated by Faure Gnassingbé and encouraged the authorities to continue the culture of dialogue.

He assured Calixte Batossie Madjoulba the availability of his country to support the young democracy of Togo.

The diplomat, finally, expressed his enthusiasm to represent Togo for the Italian Government and to establish a new era of cooperation with relations between the two states.


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