Togo's president to run for new term

Togo's president to run for new term

Togo's outgoing President Faure Gnassingbe was Tuesday named the candidate of the ruling Togolese People's Rally for an election on February 28, at a convention in Lome.
"The national convention of the RPT decides to invest the militant member of the political bureau Faure Gnassingbe, bearer of the values of peace and prosperity in Togo, as candidate of the RPT," said a motion read by a party leader, Rene Kapou.
Gnassingbe was not present at the convention but accepted his nomination by way of a representative.
At the opening of the RPT convention, delegates at Lome's main congress hall held a minute's silence in memory of the two people killed on Friday in an attack on the national football team in Angola's Cabinda enclave.


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