Welcome to China

Welcome to China

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, based in Togo, has further strengthened its international operations by opening a representative office in Beijing. Approval for the office was obtained from the CBRC (China Banking Regulatory Commission) in July and its business registration certificate was received in October from Beijing’s Administration for Industry & Commerce. 

The Beijing office, located in the Taikang International Tower in the heart of the central business district, is the latest addition to Ecobank’s international distribution platform, which includes an affiliate in Paris and representative offices in Dubai and London; the Group plans to open offices in New York.  

Commenting on the Beijing office opening, Albert Essien, Ecobank’s Group Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Ecobank Corporate and Investment Banking, said:  “China’s economic engagement in Africa has developed rapidly in recent years, in line with the Chinese government’s globalization strategy. Our representative office in Beijing will strengthen the cooperation between Ecobank and the Chinese financial authorities, as well as facilitating bilateral trade and investment.”


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