Kodjo blames failed Accra summit

Kodjo blames failed Accra summit

Togo senior minister Edem Kodjo said Sunday the formation of an African unity government during the African Union (AU) summit in Accra, Ghana 1-3 July failed due to lack of a methodology.

Kodjo who served as the Secretary-General of the AU predecessor Organisation of African Unity (OAU) from 1978 to 198, said it was a great error to go into the debate without clear guidelines on how to set up the continental government."I had the feeling that in Accra we erred both through lack of an appropriate method and radical opposition on the part of certain heads of state," Kodjo, who did not name the presidents staunchly opposed to the unity government project, declared on a programme broadcast live on the Togolese national television (TVT).

"No African head of state can argue that a continental government is not a good thing, that the United States of Africa is not welcome. There is unanimity on the need for both. However, we did not define clearly what needs to be done and at what stage," he added.

According to Kodjo, 70, who has also served as Togo's prime minister on two occasions (1994 and 2005), "what is very important, at this time when we must make the whole continent move and make headway, is to find the most convenient way to push the ideas (of a unitary government) ahead".

Without siding with either camp, the former OAU Secretary-General said he regretted that in Africa, "we make no progress".

"In the face of globalisation, the nation-state is in a precarious situation", he added, urging African leaders to move towards "a big grouping that has its weight in gold worldwide".



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