EU observers to supervise parliamentary elections

EU observers to supervise parliamentary elections

About one hundred European observers will be deployed in Togo for the October 14 legislative elections, the EU delegation leader, Mrs. Fiona Hall. "We are in Togo to follow-up the process from the beginning to the end. All in all, there are about one hundred observers to see to the good process of the ballot", Mrs. Hall said.

The mission will examine the judicial and political framework, the development of the campaign, media activities, electoral preparations, the ballot itself, the counting of votes, the grouping of results, as well as the post-electoral period and the processing of complaints in the light of national and international judicial norms on elections.Mrs. Hall and the delegation members will hold discussions with various players of the electoral process, including authorities, party leaders, candidates, the civil society, the media, administrative authorities, as well as representatives of the international community in support of the electoral process.

Starting from the 15 of September, "eighteen long-term observers" will be deployed in all the regions after receiving training in Lome. That team will be backed-up later on by sixty other observers and a delegation from the European Parliament shortly before the polls.

Following the elections, the observer mission will release a preliminary statement before the publication of a final detailed report about the conclusions of the observation, in which documents and some possible recommendations will be given.

Mrs. Fiona Hall has carried out three observer missions for elections in Ethiopia, DRC and Haiti.

About three million Togolese are expected to vote on October 14 to choose the MPs for the new National Assembly.



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