Keras Resources reports progress in Togo

Keras Resources reports progress in Togo

Russell Lamming

Keras Resources updated the market on progress at the Nayéga manganese mine in Togo on Tuesday.

At Nayéga, Keras described the management trip in September as "successful", reporting positive meetings with high level government officials and various service providers, with another planned in early November.

It said the trip "underpinned" Nayéga's production-ready status following a site visit to dry-test the 6,500 tonne per month bulk sample processing plant, and associated water reticulation system.

A total of 25 of the planned 50 pits of the Ogaro pitting programme were now complete, with the company on track to complete the pitting phase by the end of October.

Channel samples would then be submitted to determine grade and particle size distribution per geological horizon.

Looking at Nayéga, chief executive officer Russell Lamming said himself and Graham Stacey met key government officials, government advisors and various contractors and service providers to ensure that, as the firm progressed towards the conclusion of the project permitting process, it was production ready.

'The Nayéga site visit undertaken during the trip, where both the processing plant and ancillary services were successfully dry-tested, is testament to the quality and drive of our in-country team, which has achieved this despite the severe restrictions necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic. "Our recent trip to Togo was extremely valuable from both an operational and corporate perspective and we look forward to advancing the appropriate discussions with the new Togolese government following the recent appointment of Victoire Tomegah Dogbé as the new prime minister and Mila Aziable as the new minister of energy and mines’, said Mr Lamming.


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