Media center opens in Lome

Media center opens in Lome

Togo's National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI), in collaboration with the Higher Radio-Television and Communications Authority (HAAC), opened Monday in Lome, the nation's capital, the " Legislative 2007" media centre, set up to facilitate media access to information concerning the legislati v e elections to be held 14 Oct.

Based in Tokoin, in the centre of the capital, the 7-room centre boasts of a c omputer room with 8 Internet-connected computer systems, a conference room that c an contain 70 persons and meeting rooms, among others.The centre will provide the media with all the information relating to the ele ctoral process, facilitate the access to the Internet, and facilitate the work o f accredited correspondents, CENI Chairman Tozim Potopere told journalists.

From 30 July to 10 Aug., the CENI organised capacity building training for the journalists to help them cover the elections in a professional way.

The regulation body also provided the Media House in Lome with software and of fice equipment, as well as an broadband access for one year.



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