WADB loans Togo 10b FCFA for electricity project

WADB loans Togo 10b FCFA for electricity project

The West African Development Bank (WADB) has loaned 10 billion F CFA to Togo for the partial financing of a project to strengthen and extend electric power distribution grid in the West African country.

The loan will enable Togo, faced with huge electricity distribution difficulties, to build 34 km of medium voltage lines (20KV) and 478 km of underground low voltage lines, official Togolese sources said in Lome Wednesday.The project will also facilitate the building of public distribution electric poles and the connection of about 40,000 new subscribers in Lome, the capital city.

According to the Togolese government, the project is aimed at improving access to reliable and secured energy in the country.

WADB sources said the money was part 37 billion F CFA it was committing to the energy sector in Togo.



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