Yar'Adua, Gnassingbe hold talks

Yar'Adua, Gnassingbe hold talks

Nigeria's President Umaru Yar'Adua assured Monday that u nder his leadership, Nigeria would continue to play a leading role in promoting p eace and political stability in the West African sub-region.

Speaking at bilateral talks with a Togolese Government delegation, led by Presid ent Faure Gnassingbe, in the capital city of Abuja, President Yar'Adua said his a dministration would do everything within its powers to ensure that the relative p eace now existing in the sub-region was maintained and built upon."We must not allow fresh disruptions of the peace in West Africa," President Yar 'Adua said while responding to concerns raised by his Togolese counterpart.

He also reaffirmed Nigeria's commitment to the co-prosperity zone established wi th Togo and Benin Republic, adding that he expected the next summit of the group

to, among other things, adopt a coordinated approach to curb the illegal traffic

in small arms within the zone.

President Yar'Adua also promised the Nigerian government would expedite action t o ensure the completion of the West African Gas Pipeline Project in the shortest possible time, because its early completion would help to solve the energy probl e ms being experienced by Togo and other neighbouring countries.

Togo President thanked Yar'Adua for the "warm and brotherly" reception ac corded his delegation.

He spoke of his desire to build on the cordial relationship between Togo and Nig eria established under his father, the late President Gnassingbe Eyadema.

He told Yar'Adua that Togo expected the West African Gas Pipeline to boost its p ower supply and would welcome its early completion.

Both leaders also discussed the rescheduling of the postponed summit of the co-p rosperity zone.



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