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ARISE IIP launches Togo’s first integrated industrial zone

A successful public-private partnership

Arise Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP) a developer and operator of industrial ecosystems across Africa, will officially inaugurate the Plateforme Industrielle d’Adétikope (PIA) on June, 6th 2021.

PIA will focus on creating thriving value chains for the textile industry in Togo, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing and exporting value-added products. 

Located 15 km north of Lomé, PIA is the result of a successful public-private partnership between the Republic of Togo and ARISE IIP. Aligned with Togo’s National Development Plan (NDP), PIA will create 35 000 jobs locally. The integrated and multi-sectoral industrial park will play a catalytic role in supporting Togo’s economic growth, regional integration and trade. 

Spread across 400 hectares, the integrated ecosystem offers a range of fiscal advantages and modern infrastructures facilitating the competitive manufacturing of local agricultural products, including cotton, cashew and soybeans. PIA will also host a range of other industries such as the agri-processing, pharmaceutical, recycling, and electric automobile industries. 90% of PIA’s energy supply will come from renewable sources. 

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