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AS Douanes still on top of Togo soccer league

AS Douanes retained the top spot of Togo's soccer national l eague by beating US Masseda 2-1 in the fifth round of the first division played a t the weekend.

AS Douanes has scored 11 points (+3 goals average ) with its closest rival, Togo Telecom, but the latter will be in the second spot because of a weaker goals av e rage (+2) after a goaless draw with AC Merlan.Gomido drew 0-0 with Etoile Filante and is third with nine points.

Dyto de Lome recorded its first victory since the beginning of the season by bea ting Kotoko, which led the first couple of rounds 1 - 0.

Despite the victory, Dyro is still stuck at the bottom and close to relegation.

In other encounters, ASKO beat Koroki 1-0, Maranatha-Semassi (2-1) and AS Togo b eat Foadan 1-0.

The match between Tchadjo Athletic Club (TAC) and Abou Osse was postponed due to the rain.

Dyto, AS Togo port, TAC and Semassi occupy the rear of the table.

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