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Kadhafi says Islam not propagated by force

The Libyan leader Mouammar Kadhafi said on Saturday that "th e victory" of Islam in Togo and its peaceful propagation showed that the religio n was not spread through the sword and wars as claimed.

Speaking in the Togolese city of Kara he said people should embrace Islam volunt arily.On behalf of the World Association of the Islamic Call (AMAI) and the World Isla mic Popular Commandment, the Libyan leader in the presence of the Togolese Presi d ent Faure Gnassingbe pledged his total support for the people of Togo.

The director of the Islamic Centre of Sokode, Makou Mohamed Kassem commended the Libyan leader for his support for Muslims in the West African country.

Kadhafi who arrived in Togo on Friday is due to attend the Tenth Ordinary Summit of the Sahelo-Saharan Member States (CEN-SAD) which opens on Monday in Cotonou.

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