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Komlan Mally resigns

Togo Prime Minister Komlan Mally tendered his resignation to President Faure Gnassingbe after less than one year in office, and the latter has approved the resignation, a presidential announcement released here Friday said.

Mally was appointed prime minister by the president on December 3, 2007.The presidential announcement said that the president of the republic accepted the resignation of Mally and expressed congratulations to Mally for the way of administration by the Mally-led government and the quality of work fulfilled by it.

"The mission of the government is mainly to reestablish Togo's links with the international community. Now this target has been realized, our nation has seen new prospects opened up by him. Under such a circumstance, Komlan Mally tendered his resignation to the president of the republic, and thanked the president for active support to him and the work of the government," the presidential announcement said.

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