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Opposition UFC 'will not participate in Togolese government'

The Secretary-General of the opposition Union of the Forces of Change (UFC), Jean-Pierre Fabre, said Tuesday his party "has no interest" in participating in the government of Togo, following the appointment of a member of the ruling Togolese People's Rally (RPT) as Prime Minister.

"The UFC is neither disappointed nor surprised that the Prime Minister is from the ruling party," Fabre said."This appointment is in line with what were expecting since the announcement of the parliamentary election results. The RPT pretends that it won the elections, so it is entitled to appoint one of it s members as Prime Minister," Fabre said after Komlan Mally was appointed Prime Minister Monday.

He added the UFC was not surprised that one of its members was not chosen.

"Our party has always been excluded. You saw what happened with the formation of the Bureau in Parliament," he explained, alluding to the fact that the ruling party took all the positions in the bureau of the National Assembly.

"I think that the UFC has no interest in participating in this government," he said, despite the expectations raised by UFC leader Gilchrist Olympio's meeting with President Faure Gnassingbe after the parliamentary elect ions of 14 October.

Gnassingbe had then promised to form a government of national unity.

No UFC member has ever been appointed minister in Togo, and this was the party' s first participation in parliamentary elections.

The UFC won 27 seats, the RPT got 50 and Yawovi Agboyibo's Action Committee fo r Renewal (CAR) won four seats.

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