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Consultations between Sudanese Darfurian stakeholders conclude in Lomé on Monday

The fighting is heavy in Khartoum and Darfur ©

Consultations between Sudanese Darfurian stakeholders conclude in Lomé on Monday

Togo's diplomacy has taken the initiative to start a dialogue in the country, which has been the victim of a civil war since April.

The Togolese authorities congratulated themselves on having helped to gather the different Darfurian parties. This is already a good start.

"The Lomé meeting is not a mediation or negotiation. It is a consultation between Sudanese," Togo's foreign minister stressed.

Negotiations are underway between the Sudanese factions with Saudi Arabia, the United States and the United Nations.

"The best friend is the one who tells you the truth. So let me tell you that for a return to peace in Sudan, the principle must be Sudan first. You must continue to work in the interests of the people, and not for your own interests," Robert Dussey told the delegations present in the Togolese capital.

According to the statement issued at the end of the discussions, 'the participants agreed on an action plan and a road map which would prevent Darfur from slipping into a full-scale civil war, as well as securing safe humanitarian corridors for the purpose of delivering humanitarian aid and assistance to those affected by the war, work with all components of the Sudanese society, especially the Darfur society, to stop the war which is currently raging between the RSF and SAF.'

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