Benin, Nigeria, Togo inaugurate power connection

Benin, Togo and Nigeria inaugurated on Tuesday a power cable linking the three countries' national grids and aimed at improving insufficient electricity infrastructure in West Africa. The 70-kilometre power cable will join the Electrical Communit...

Togo launches yellow fever immunisation campaign

Togo has launched a yellow fever immunisation campaign in its northern region where three cases have been reported, health officials have said. Health Minister Charles Kondi Agba, said 1.3 million were targeted in the immunisation drive launched...

Yellow fever in Togo

The mass vaccination campaign is scheduled to begin today in Savanes and Kara regions where three cases of yellow fever were laboratory confirmed (see previous report). Yellow fever reappeared in these regions after an absence of more than 20 yea...

Togo's Maranatha eliminates Senegal's Jaraaf from Champions League

Togo's Maranatha of Fiokpo has advanced to the next round of the African Champions League after thumping Senegal's Jaraaf 3-0 on Sunday in Womé, some 140-km south-east of Lome (3-1 aggregate score). Assiongbo Ahyi scored the opener for the Togole...

West Africa targets growth

Nigeria, Benin and Togo on Thursday formed a new regional body aimed at fast-tracking the integration of the economies of the three west-African neighbours. The body, known as the Co-Prosperity Alliance Zone (Copaz), was formally inaugurated foll...

Brussels removes Togo from red list countries

The Belgian government has removed Togo from the red list of risk countries not to be associated with, the ambassador of Togo in Brussels, Félix Kodjo Sagbo, announced here Sunday. The Belgian government took this decision after the announcement...

Togo's Gilchrist Olympio for opposition council Friday

Gilchrist Olympio, leader of the Togolese opposition Forces for Change (UFC), who is exiled in Paris, is expected to return home Friday to participate UFC's national council scheduled 3-4 February in Lome, party officials said here Wednesday. &qu...

EU releases aid to Togo under 9th EDF

The European Union (EU) has notified the government of Togo the release of financial aid under the 9th European Development Fund (EDF), an instrument of the Cotonou Accord, an official source affirmed at the weekend. Félix Kodjo Sagbo, Togo's Amb...

Yellow fever in Togo

A mass vaccination campaign is planned to take place in the next two weeks in the regions of Savanes and Kara where 3 cases of yellow fever have been laboratory confirmed. The most recent yellow fever mass vaccination campaign in this area was co...

Togo appeals for EU's help in securing legislative election

Togolese Security Minister Colonel Atcha Titikpina has appealed to the European Union (EU) to help his country in securing the coming legislative elections. Titikpina made the request on Wednesday while receiving an EU delegation in Lome. During...

Ghana-Togo set up border facilitation committe

A 26-member Inter Border Facilitation Committee (IBFC) that will ensure the free movement of persons and goods between Ghana and Togo was Saturday inaugurated at Aflao on the Ghana Togo border, 230km East of Accra. The Committee's work is part of...

Togo's national soccer league resumes 4 February

Togo's national football premier league resumes on 4 February after weeks of recess, the Togolese Football Federation (FTF) said here Saturday. The tournament groups 16 teams, including seven based in Lome and nine in the rest of the country. 


Le trafic aérien ouest-africain s'est effondré


La baisse du trafic aérien dans la zone UEMOA est de l’ordre de 95%. Un désastre.

Et voici le Waze togolais


Une nouvelle application mobile d'assistant à la conduite et de navigation vient d'être lancée.

Développement humain et inclusion financière


Chercher de solutions innovantes pour faciliter l'accès des travailleurs informels aux systèmes de protection sociale.

Le CVO est-il efficace ?


Le Togo va réaliser des tests pour savoir si le 'covid-organics' développé à Madagascar est vraiment efficace.